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Phone 5 Press Conference live

Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

On December 18, 2013, in vivo selection at the water cube, in the witness of many media, spectators and friends, post 2013 last flagship Entertainment mobile phone--Xplay3S. Believe that many users already in the video on live or by watching the full conference status, if you still have some hoot, may wish to follow the small series, from compiled reviews from the perspective of the grand moments of the Conference.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Chose very tall at the press conference held at the water cube, will be able to see the water cube's printed off the pitch, "vivo" sign.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Night water cube exudes a charming blue light is very beautiful, offsite media v powder and prepared to enter.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Conference entry.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Fan wall.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Enter once after security checks.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Sign everywhere.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Venue provided drinks and snacks, thirsty, hungry friends can now fill our stomach.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Through the corridors of a cool layout, is the Conference site.


Vivo Xplay3S press conference highlights

Conference site, v powder and VIP arrangements in front of media most sitting back on the slopes.


Press Conference officially began.


Dan played this time, Xplay3S is also a Dan hosted for us.


Moderator opening remarks.


Moderator please introduce vivo vivo Vice President development history and future prospects.


Vice President started the first thank v fans for their support.


V powder blessing for Xplay3S in colleges and universities across the country.


Vivo Xplay3S coming soon!


Before debut, Deputy Head of Qualcomm came to Xiao long 800 for you briefly.


In the process of introducing, behind a group of men in black are they began to decorate something, at this time the lights go down, more people look forward to an upcoming event.


Once lit a big screen, the picture is a scene set.


Central High also indicate the stage of such a scene, one with the background screen, but small side of the angle is slightly biased, or view definitely better.


Stunt actor on stage, body armor, with black-clad men fight to the death.


To bring down a black-clad man, the protagonist take the stage left came to the top of the scene (up through the linkage of the background behind the center stage and, very good).


Finally leads to the ground and punched, the entire screen to break broke broken glass, have to say that this broken glass effect to do pretty good, sitting in the front row of the audience thought that really burst out of the screen, glasses-free 3D effect.

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Burst out, is our real hero--Xplay3S today.


Vivo Shen Zong smiling with Xplay3S engine display in front of the crowd.


Shen is always presented to the moderator and the audience about status of Xplay3S.


Various cooperation channels with a photo.


Vivo personnel officially introduced Xplay3S.


Xplay3S's edge thickness is only 4.5mm.


While the weight is lighter than the previous generation Xpaly a lot, just 172 grams.


Back to join the fingerprint recognition technology, but also has taken back the touch features.


But also to fingerprinting visitors, visitors to open your phone, even if the fingerprint authentication, only permission to use visitor limit.


Up to 490 PPI, enlarged viewing of text is very good to see.


Introduction to CPU and GPU, long 8974AB, mycophenolate mofetil, integrated Adreno 330.


In the sound playback on, VIVO has been a leader in the mobile phone. And this time, they also joined the DTS technology, increase more stereo sound effects.


Before we introduce the technology, we watch a movie first-level stereo audio and video playing, the meeting venue have surround sound equipment, so when you watch this video, stereo sound effects are clearly visible.


This technique is known as DTS Headphone:X, VIVO, DTS, Qualcomm, tripartite cooperation, and can be achieved through headphones surround multichannel (but this requires source supports, if sources simply left and right channels, there are no stereo).


This technology is designed to restore the home theater surround-sound effect.


In addition, VIVO will work with thunder, Thunder and see exclusive pictures for Xplay3S display the contents.


In addition, there is one year of free VIP privileges, which means that after he bought Xplay3S, the Thunder's premium video and services are free for one year.


Xplay3S also supports dual 4G and multiple frequency bands.


32G ROM, only 32G!


DTS Director described the cooperation with Xplay3S on stage.


Head of Thunder came to Vivo and recounting the contents of cooperation.


Xplay3S on your own audio and video playback, and DTS HD DTS provides multi-channel technology and the Thunder video, such cooperation is really for the benefit of consumers.


Finally referred to the section of an audio decoder chip, audience of kids were excited.


Xplay3S tuning video.


Announced chip: ES9018 + OPA2604 top decoder and amplifier combinations.


Audio playback capability with the former two generations of flagship phones comparison, official data shows that Xplay3S audio compared to the first two generations had very obvious improvements.


Maximum impedance 1300 Euro ... ...


There are also fancier of the machine audio testimonials.


XE800 and random distribution, the headphones are made of weisuonike for which Mr Yu Zhiri Attunement, and we can see the whole design also looks very similar to weisuonike's VSD1.


Then Xplay3S F/1.8 extra large aperture cameras aboard.


Front use a 5 million pixel camera, cool is to have a voice-activated beauty, says a "white" will beautify the whitening, say a "cheese" is filmed.


In introducing the new shooting features, VIVO is confident that "reinventing the photo."


Photo +, this is the new features of Xplay shoot.


Specific principle is shooting a video, selected which a, again select which a frame as static pictures, video Shang to Vivo cloud, also can online print and put photos share to other friends, dang you of friends using Xplay3S on with this Zhang photos zhihou (regardless of is print of pictures also is computer Shang of pictures), recognition success on will put cloud corresponding of video content download down, and through camera viewfinder real-time play that paragraph video, very interesting.

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So when you see the picture when photos are not simply static.


And Easy Go services that rely on real-time location to provide you with a variety of navigation functions.


Virtual navigation.


Real-time Sentinel reminders when you set where you want to do, as long as your location and network near you at the designated location and it will enhance your tasks set before.


Location services are provided by the guide map, guide map for Xplay3S took a place dedicated to service, as long as you use Xplay3S to open guide map, there will someone prepare for you developing route in real time.


Gold heads on stage to explain the cooperation.


Air wake, can get you the phone card screen state, holding a cell phone waves corresponding action will start the corresponding application set.


List of Xplay3S hardware and software services.


Then start with Funtouch OS.


Simplicity, joy, wisdom is the core idea of Funtouch.


Desktop, depending on your usage, arranged chronologically.


In addition head supports dynamic portrait of the lock screen.


In the dial-up interface, through the corresponding gesture calls the appropriate contact person.


And Funtouch announced at the press conference that evening, and small hands of peer colleagues Xplay updates were received after the Conference ends.


Vivo Xplay3S the core idea is to enjoy a very wise.


Next, we see a Xplay3S function API introduced. Short after the end of just one more "to see the northern lights" activities, members are interested in yourself to pay attention to the next.


Released next and finally to the excitement of the sales price.


Final price: 3498.


Also taking the four lucky viewers can get Xplay3S official one.


Four lucky viewers ranging from photo (no small part anyway), small then go to experience the experience of the Office and the Xplay3S.


Experience Office poll surge, v powder and gathered in front of the media experience.


Small series and of course do not lose out, and quickly took a shot. Xplay3S uses a 6-inch, 2K screen, the border is very narrow, with 6-inch also has a good grip and are lighter in weight, not tired.


Is vivo logo above the left, the central receiver, sensor and 5 million front-facing camera on the right side.


Is still in the bottom three Donkey Kong.


Screen viewing angle is quite good.


Color performance is also very good.


Xplay3S using metal borders, borders cut parts polished, aesthetic values, is the volume button and the power button on the right side of the fuselage.


Volume key and power key features.


Is a SIM card slot on the left side.


Top center is the 3.5mm headphone jack.


Is the USB interface at the bottom and the main microphone, originally wanted to use the USB interface USB 3.0, but limited to the hardware issue is not finally adopted, so the interface is now sealed, it is estimated that official version of this interface will turn back to the small port USB 2.0. Can be seen from this figure to increase the signal strength of the metal border design faults.


White SOAP on the back, the speakers of the upper and lower long.


Closed-loop was above F/1.8,1300 million pixel camera, below LED fill light, and fingerprint identification.


Distribution XE800 headphones.


Scene inside the machine with some non-destructive audio source, it must first listen. Small series of only birds of Yu Chi day helped tune up plugs, first take, VSD1 feeling.


This is a series of small VSD1, two plugs are similar, XE800 in vocal performance, seems slightly better than a small VSD1 in the hands of it, but can't hear enough.


Both shape and body design is very similar to the spot light is complex ... ... So there will be lots of shadows, forgive me.


As for the photographic effect, at present the presence of Xplay3S application just uses simple camera and has no full manual shooting applications. Set from EXIF, Aperture information is not set up correctly, anti-glare of the camera is very good, almost on top of the light reflection, there is no serious glare.


The spot lights are not very bright, but Xplay3S is used by default to low ISO, shutter speed will slow down a little bit, but the image was quickly compared to Xplay's film experience has been greatly improved.


Large aperture, shooting at close range objects (sets the focus to the word 70D), background fiction naturally soft, feels good. Yes, Xplay3S no spot metering and focus interaction, only the matrix metering, slightly less regret, but also benefits matrix, focus will be faster.

Small series of final test a picture, Xplay3S slow shutter speed 1/15 seconds, ISO up to 1500, but closed at the water cube, was driven out, and don't have time to put that picture away, unfortunately, but data ought to be correct.

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Hands-on experience on Xplay3S, you can go to the Almighty hat to watch of the video phone vivo Xplay3S started to play, the Conference recalled that ended here, thanks for watching.



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