Thursday, October 1, 2015

Automatic deduction oolong opening member services be careful about the words

Yesterday, user network from Lei Feng reflects Thunderbolt Platinum members that opened their account in the case of unauthorized automatic renewals, similar situations also occurred in aiqi art, YouTube video, SINA weibo and the secret comics and other Member Services. (Details see Dear user, PayPal automatically renew a success and you have ... ...

Understand user problems, try videos in the Thunder, Lei Feng network reporter respectively aiqi art, YouTube videos, and weibo officer opened online member services, access to the following screenshot:

Opening the Thunderbolt Member interface, journalists found to have "auto-renew" service, and it has been automatically checked. But the options do not only need to enter the phone number, with red "90 percent" was clearly identified. Can be deemed to have been made to the user prompt. FENDI case

In addition, Lei Feng network customer service calls the Thunder got the news: while opening the PayPal button to pay, but if the user does not select auto-renew, Thunder still will not renew for the user.

Aiqi Arts interface, there are two users do automatic renewal reminders.

YouTube member to open interface, "monthly members" and "member of consecutive monthly" two options. Lei Feng network call excellent customer service that, if you just open the "monthly members", PayPal will not be automatically charged.

Members of the Sina micro-blog, the default open mode is "Alipay" instead of "PayPal button to pay", in addition, the auto-renew service not open by default, requiring users to check automatically.

Then, Lei Feng also tried to PPTV, music video network, website membership services such as Baidu is clouds, Golden Hill, finds PPTV and depending on the identity of the network will also have automatic renewals, users can authorize themselves. While Baidu is clouds and Golden Hill does not.

Roughly summarized, membership automatically renew more than video services and entertainment service provider. In addition, Lei feng's reporter found that these automatic renewals of services with "PayPal button to pay."

Then the reporter interviewed the head of PayPal Shen Yunfang, she explained to us:

"One-click payment" is provided by PayPal as the merchant's SDK, embedded products, merchants can apply to PayPal to use and require businesses to provide business qualifications and trial information. If the abuse occurred during the actual operation interface, PayPal verified, confirmed, will stop the use of operators. PayPal to "one-click payment" has a clear correction and punishment. "

"However, we believe that YouTube and aiqi-I there is no abuse case. Because when users purchase membership services, tenants have already been done for user prompts, user-initiated automatic renewals of authorizations. If they don't want to continue to use, you can tie. "

In addition, users open a key pay, after the expiration of the Member of the month, PayPal will be sent to the user prompted to auto-renew.

Lei Feng also see user feedback received on the Twitter message, but the mistake cannot be "forced fee" so don't care.

To conclude, of General Service Provider for membership class of the "auto-renew" service will make prompt. Of course, Lei feng's network will also give the user a warning here:

Opening the membership service, it is best to have clear view of "continuous", "automatic deduction" and "one-click payment" option, especially for service providers, hydroprocessing, and bold options carefully checked. If you receive a service provider (you drive through) automatically renew message, clearly after myself not to renew, go to the Member Center or reply to text messages in a timely manner from operations tie. Never for one moment and losing money fast or procrastination.

Well, we are all adults, and come across about money was also cautious as well. FENDI iPhone case

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